Here at Images Custom Framing we work hard to meet all your art and framing needs. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU NEED AND WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO HELP YOU!!  In addition to actually framing your art or project, here are some of the other services we can provide:
*Knowledge of and access to the LIMITED EDITION PRINT MARKET:  If there is a print out there (old or new) we can help you find it!
*Access to the OPEN EDITION PRINT MARKET:  We have accounts with most all of the open edition / poster art companies.  We can help you pick out just the right print and get it ordered for you.
*IN STOCK ART PRINTS: for immediate purchase with no delivery fee.
*ORIGINAL & COMMISSIONED ART:  We have a number of artists represented and can help you with the purchase of a signed & numbered print or even introduce you to the artist for an one-of-a-kind original commissioned piece.
*HANGING:  If you are in need of help with hanging a large or unusual piece of art or have a large project (such as an entire office etc..), we can provide a picture hanging service at a very reasonable price.
*APPRAISALS:  If you are in need of determining the value of a piece of art, we can help you (on a limited basis) with an appraisal.
*PICK UP AND DELIVERY:  We can provide a pick-up or delivery service for multiple pieces outside of normal business hours at a very reasonable price.

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